This page contains a corpus of Hill Mari texts recorded and transcribed in our project. Apart from our own recordings, we have included the texts from the same local varieties of Hill Mari published in the following papers (the source is marked near each text in the corpus):
Aktsorin V. Марийский фольклор. Мифы, легенды, предания [Mari folklore: myths, legends, stories]. Yoshkar-Ola, 1991.
Savateeva G. Лексические особенности правобережных говоров горномарийского языка [Lexical peculiarities of the right-bank local varieties of Hill Mari]. Candifate dissertation in philology. Yoshkar-Ola, 2005.
The volume of the current version is 63522 tokens. The texts are written in a Latin-based phonological transcription, the spelling of various words may not form one-to-one correspondence with the standard orthography.
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